Back to School

Last night was back to school welcome night for the new kids and parents at Cary Academy.  My daughter starts sixth grade next week.    She is totally psyched and up for the challenge.  Thank God.

 For me, moving to a new town and starting sixth grade was pretty much a nightmare.  Of course it all turned out fine (it always does) but being the new kid in middle school can be brutal.

I remember walking into the cafeteria my first week and not knowing where to sit.  I went up to a group of girls and asked if I could sit with them.  One of the girls (who will remain nameless) suggested that I should go sit at the “looser table”.   Luckily, the kids there had some seats available.    

I remember my mom suggesting I call one of the more popular girls to come over and play.  After getting up the nerve to give it a try, I still remember her response:  “How did you get my number”?  The kid was mortified.  

In middle school,  that 80’s preppy- layered look was all the rage.  Turtle neck + Izod w/ collar up + long sleeve collared shirt  + LL Bean sweater, and chinos.  I looked like the Michelin man.  But, if someone could see your bra strap through your clothes- you were a total skank.  Brutal.

So this is the crap I am thinking of when I went to the back to school thing last night.  How much it sucked to be in middle school.     What a relief to find out that starting sixth grade doesn’t have to be so brutal.   

  • Wondering where to sit at lunch?  No problem.  Lunch is served family style- with all sixth graders assigned to a table with a faculty member, and they switch around every 3 weeks.
  • Wondering what to wear?  No problem.  Just check out the easy to follow dress code.
  • Wondering if you will make friends? No problem.  There are a series of planned activities and events provided on campus specifically designed to foster friendships and limit cliques.

When we were leaving last night, my daughter ran over and hugged a girl that she had met at camp this summer.   She came back all smiles.   “Cool mom, I’m making friends already”.    

Way to go honey.  Sixth grade is going to be awesome.



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2 responses to “Back to School

  1. Jerry Moore

    Missy: From my observation, things always turn out, whether for the best or not is some times a matter of opinion or perspecvive. You turned out great! Love, Dad

  2. Kate

    Nice to see they’re not all horrid first days. Your story of your first day in middle school is all that’s swimming through my mind as my little girl is due to start middle this fall. I’m terrified for her. Fingers crossed and all that…

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