What’s in a Name?

The company I work for recently launched a global brand refresh.  A logo with softer, rounded edges, a new color and lower case font.   The goal?  To project a softer, kinder, more modern image to the world.   

If a company can successfully launch a brand refresh, why can’t I?   Turning 43 this month and starting off in a new town in North Carolina, it seems like the perfect time to try out a brand refresh of my own. 

So for starters- I’m changing my name to Missy.   It has that light, easy, friendly feel to it, doesn’t it?  Kind of like a softer, kinder version of me.  Melissa sounds too much like Methuselah.  Thick and tired and old.   Not the look I’m going for.  

It sounds easy enough to just change your name,  but to be honest, I was a bit reticent about making the switch.  

In junior high I tried going by Missy, but I picked up the unfortunate nickname of Missy Moo Cow, or Moo for short.  It got worse in college when that nickname morphed into Mooster (thanks to Liz Payne).   Not exactly the personal brand one might aspire too.  “Hi don’t mind the extra 15 pounds of beer weight and the fact that my friends call me Mooster- I have a GREAT personality.”    But I digress.  Back to my brand refresh.

So last night Tom and I went to a new member mixer at Prestonwood Country Club, and I put “Missy Carlson” on the name tag.  It felt so wierd, kind of cool actually, to be referred to by the name reserved in the past only for my family and close friends.  It was familiar.  It was friendly.  And since they’ve just met me, they were not associating me with a cow.    

So far so good.   Next step in the brand refresh? A new mani/pedi and a nice long stroll through Nordstrom.   BaBAAM!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet…. unless you’re being referred to as a cow.”
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)


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One response to “What’s in a Name?

  1. You’ve alway been “Missy” to me. Loved this week’s “musing.” Very well written!

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