Happy Anniversary

petscanThis week marks my three-year anniversary in full remission from cancer.   I went in last week for a PET scan, and got my results back this week.   PET scans take a series of 3D images of your body as it absorbs an injected radioactive sugar.

As the sugar metabolizes, that process is reflected as a glowing image on the scan.   If cancer is present in lymph nodes, bone marrow or organs, you can literally see the cancer cells light up as  living, metabolizing entities.

For me this time around,  the only thing that glowed on that scan were my heart and my brain.   I saw  my internal organs and systems quietly going about their business, without a trace of cancer.

In the scan, my heart glowed the brightest (literally and figuratively).  I can’t find the right words to express what a true sense of relief and renewal I experienced in seeing that image.  I am grateful to the clinical researchers,  scientists and physicians responsible for the   0-year clinical trial of immunotherapy  drug Epratuzamab, created by Immunomedics,    This is one of the first known experiences recorded of follicular-cell lymphoma being eradicated at the bone marrow level.  Six more years until we see the study results, and hopefully soon after that,  see this cancer drug on the market.

If you ever have a chance to take advantage of, or support someone who is considering  entering a clinical trial,  please do.


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